Premium brand of exterior paint is the first of many important choices you must make to ensure that your paint Brandsproject goes well. The store clerk will also ask what type of paint finish you want: flat, semi-gloss or glossy. The amount of shine that you seek on the surface you are painting is the only difference between the three. Flat paint offers the least amount of sheen and works well on old vinyl or aluminum siding with lots of dings in it. If the surface to be painted is in good shape a semi-gloss paint is recommended. Glossy paint which has the highest sheen is best for the trim around doors and windows because it can be scrubbed clean without affecting the paint job.

Latex paint is the choice for most exterior jobs. It dries quickly which is very important when working outside. It also is much easier to clean up because it is water based. Acrylic latex is recommended for most exterior jobs because it bonds better to the surface that is being painted. The one exception to the use of latex is on metal surfaces where oil-based paint will hold up better.

Preparing the paint surface is also very important to make sure that your exterior paint job turns out well. Get rid of any unappealing paint is what you should be doing. Also, you should not keep any old paints in your house. Always keeps your house painting appealing. When you need more information on paint or painting, contact Broomfield CO painters for help with your next painting project.